2019 Pricing

All real estate photo shoots in 2019 start at $100 per listing for the first image plus $6 each additional image. For communities with multiple empty lots, I will apply a 15% group discount when 5 or more lots are shot at the same time. All shoots will include drone photography when requested(when possible based on local weather and FAA or state regulations). All properties with 12 or more images will include an online tour with music if desired. Community features will be $6 per image and may be used for subsequent listings within that community. Drone video will be $30 for a 1-2 minute clip(approx. upload limit for online tours) and may be embedded in the online tour alongside still images.

Mileage fee will be added for shoots outside of Buncombe County.

Professional Portraiture is $40 and includes 2 images: 1 indoors against neutral background and 1 outside with natural background. For groups of 5 or more, price per person is $30, and a group photo will be included.